I Have Run Away From Home

No, seriously.

First things first. Middle of April, I took both vehicles (again) into the Mechanic's (again). Long story short, got a quote of $1000 to replace a year-old fuel pump on the Jaguar...Although they didn't know if that was the problem and they claimed they couldn't test it ahead of time. Had to replace it to find out if it was the problem (sounds like O-care. But I digress.) They also wanted $200 to replace a part on the Durango that had been replaced before. Yeah.

I had an absolute meltdown. Stomping, swearing, threatening... The works. Got in the car, drove to the nearest new car lot, and traded both vehicles in on a 2017 RAV4. I hate, hate, hate buying cars on credit, but the two we owned (and our mechanic) were nickel and dimeing us into the poorhouse.

So I ran away from home. Right onto the Appalachian Trail.

The three of us are doing a shake-down hike this week. Starting next week, Arabella and I will be walking south for the next several months, headed for Springer Mountain, Georgia. Google has decided that it can't "verify" my account, so pictures and such will have to wait until Blogger straightens up.

So, checking in. I've run away from home like the good, responsible adult I am. (And you can't deny walking does NOT use fuel ration points!),