More News from the War

Pages 2 and 3, for your viewing pleasure.
I really like the article in the middle of the upper half: "Dewey Predicts Success in Presidential Election". Some things never change.

Page 3:
Europe is being blitzed, the Japanese have everyone worried, people are dying, yet they still find space in the paper for the week's racing results. Priorities, people.
Page 4 on Monday.

Enjoy (if that is the right word) your Black Friday. Our cars ate the Christmas budget, so we're staying home this year; drinking tea, eating leftovers, and working on rehabbing Danny's father's bookcase for the front room (beadboard, wood filler, and paint will make anything look better.) Life is good.


Gorges Smythe said...

War or peace, life goes on. Hope your day was a pleasant one.

Catherine said...

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday is enjoyable, Gorges. I wish you lots of leftovers, a well-fed hound, and a warm house.