(Extra points if you get the reference.)

I'm away from blogging until at least Monday. I've been rasslin' cars all week. Not joking: I've been at the mechanic's Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, today, and am scheduled for Monday. The only reason I wasn't there on Thursday was because I was busy rasslin' the bank for money to feed my car repair addiction.

See you (hopefully) Monday, when the clouds will part, the birds will sing, the sun will shine, the cars will all run without their check engine lights on, and I can get back to blogging about living life the WW2 ration way.

(P.S. If any of my readers work in car design: Press nuts on an axle?!? Really?!?)


deborah harvey said...

granny weatherwax

Gorges Smythe said...

Vehicles can be a hassle. I got a Toyota Tundra new, nine years ago. Despite Toyota's reputation for dependability, mine has been a lemon from the word go, but especially after the warranty ran out.

Stephen Tuck said...

Oh dear! Hope things settle down soon.

Catherine said...

Deborah--Give yourself a hand!! It's always nice to meet a fellow Pratchett fan.

Gorges--The Durango has been surprisingly dependable, but it is approaching the end of its useful life. We just need it to keep running until July, then we'll be able to afford to buy a new-to-us (2-4 yr old) car to replace it. We're looking at Toyota FJ right now; hopefully it won't be a cousin-lemon to yours.

Unfortunately,there is no hope for the car, relatively speaking. It's an X-type on a Mondeo platform, so it was doomed from the start. But, oh my goodness, is it a blast to drive!! (Yes, it is a 5 speed, AWD, red. Why do you ask?) It will truly be a miracle if I can ever stop the check lights on it. We have one more repair possible. If it doesn't work, I'm looking at replacing the ECM. Bah, humbug.

Stephen--Thank you! I have my fingers crossed for Monday...at least for the Durango. Frankly, if replacing the catalytic doesn't eliminate the check engine light on it , I'm gonna just drive it until we trade it in or it blows up on the roadway, whichever comes first.