Happy Veteran's Day!

 Thank you, Britain, for Winston Churchill. He truly had a gift with words...must have come from his American mother (snark)!

Thank you to all those who have served our great country. You are the best of what America is and can be. I, for one, am hoping this new administration finally treats all Veterans with the respect and dignity they have rightfully earned.

“There is no greater love than this: that a person would lay down his life for the sake of his friends.” John 15:13

[I'll be back on track next week. The truck is fixed!! (I had to replace the ECM. $500 total. Not bad.)  I've figured out the car!! (It needs an ABS module so it stops trying to skid the car off the road each time I apply the brakes. $3,500 new from the dealer; rebuild for $120. Guess which I'm gonna do.) The election is over!! And much rejoicing is heard in our Republic!! (The ones who think we are a democracy are weeping, wailing, and gnashing teeth. They should have paid more attention in Civics class.) Now I just have to figure out where I am in the rationing and go from there...I really haven't been home the past two weeks.] 

I hope everyone out in Bloggerland has a safe and happy weekend!!

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