Rations, Rations, Everywhere

With the cars being pains in the tuchus unreliable, it has been hard to keep up with shopping/rations. (FYI: Once again, the truck is in the shop until, oh, Tuesday or Wednesday, waiting for parts...so the car, our only working vehicle, promptly got a hissing-air, wires-showing, no-tread, flat tire in sympathy over the weekend, which took all our extra cash to replace. Horses are beginning to look like a viable alternative.) I keep telling myself that the cars are probably making allowing me to replicate wartime conditions better than I could have otherwise...but it is still aggravating.

I had (by my calculations) roughly one week's worth of rations, plus 6 Black Market credits for eggs. To recap, these are the rations we're following now, per person:

Bacon or Ham             4 oz
Sugar                            8 oz
Tea/Coffee                   2 oz
Meat, including fish    1# 3 oz
Cheese                         2 oz
Preserves                     1#/month
Butter                           2 oz
Cooking oil                  4 oz
Lard                             2 oz
Sweets/Candy             12 oz/month
Milk                            1/2 gallon per week under 18, 1/2 gallon per month for adults
...plus the $25 dollars per person, per week, for everything else.

I bought NO sugar or tea this time around (I have LOTS left over from the previous weeks) So I counted that as one coupon for the Black Market this week, with one ration (8 oz) saved for later. I also only bought 2 rolls of sausage (1# each) and one 8 oz bag of frozen mini shrimp, so I still have 1# 1oz of meat coupons for later. I also still have one chicken breast left over from last week. We are in the middle of harvesting potatoes, so I geared this week's food to use up as many damaged potatoes as I could. I also didn't buy any milk, since we still have about 3/4 of a gallon left. I used half of the milk ration to buy heavy cream for the Zuppa Toscana.

I needed 16 oz of cheese, so I used our 3 cheese rations and 5 of the Black Market credits to buy a 1# brick of Swiss cheese. That left me with only 2 Black Market credits for next week. The only thing that I'm a little short on right now is butter, but as soon as I run the next couple dozen eggs over to the neighbor I should be able to rectify that. (We're getting 10 eggs each day!) I have plenty of oil, so it really isn't much of a problem.

The Dinner menu for this week is:
Gnocchi with spaghetti sauce and broccoli
Zuppa Toscana
Orange chicken with steamed rice and steamed broccoli and carrots
Fried rice with egg
Polenta with spaghetti sauce (I picked up half-a-dozen jars of Classico Spaghetti sauce for a dollar each on sale.)
Shrimp, spinach, and Swiss cheese sauce crepes.

 (Recipes WILL be coming each week. I've just been a bit frazzled. Don't judge me.)

I splurged for breakfasts. I found a recipe for homemade apple doughnuts that I'm itching to try, so I went all in on maple syrup, pie spice, apple cider, apple butter (I used both remaining preserve rations for this), and whole apples to grate. Any remaining apples will be made into apple sauce for apple crepes. I also found a recipe in July's Southern Living for a chocolate Babka. I used the last of our sweet ration to buy a bag of mini chocolate chips for this recipe. I'm going to adapt the heck out of it, but I really, really liked the tip of dehydrating any extra left over and using it for cereal. I hate throwing good food to the pigs. Also on the breakfast list is biscuits and sausage gravy (I can use 1/3 of a sausage roll per breakfast and still have it taste good...plus gravy uses up milk at a quick clip.) And finally, any extra bread and the cheese left over from the crepes will let me make a strata. YUM!

Lunches are leftovers or sandwiches (eggs, again.)

So to recap: I have 1# 1oz of meat, 8 oz of sugar, 3 tea rations, and 2 Black Market credits saved up right now. The cars still are acting up, but I hope believe we're going to have that under control soon-ish. We have lots of yummy food (New recipes! My favorite!) planned for this week, so I'm off to post my Ratatouille recipe. Look for it tomorrow.

And that's the way it is.


Lady Locust said...

Wow, they don't want you to eat much. Funny, some of the things I could do without and others I would need 5 times as much😊

Catherine said...

I know what you mean! For example; cheese. With the ration of only 2 oz each, I have a feeling that the chickens are going to be necessary to keep us in cheese. (Now THERE is a sentence you don't expect to see!) But the 3 jars of preserves each month--we don't really eat much jam or jelly. The apple butter I bought to make doughnuts will probably last us for months!

Thanks for stopping by!