I Need a Break! (Or: Days like this are why people drink.)

Yesterday was a full day of WTF.

Both cars needed repaired: The truck needed two new tires and a rim, and the car needed its brakes rebuilt (power booster/master cylinder.) I had an appointment at the mechanic's for the car and an appointment at the tire shop (different towns) for the tires/rim.

Danny was late to work because he had to renew his driver's license. He hadn't noticed it was expiring until he started doing paperwork for his new job. Yesterday was the last day he could renew, so he headed off in the car to do that, while I drove the truck at about 10 mph to the tire shop. I planned to do the grocery shopping after getting the tires fixed. I had two week's worth of gas rations burning a hole in my pocket (figuratively, people. Figuratively.) I was sitting pretty.

The tire shop had two tires to replace my dead tires...but no new rim. I called our mechanic (in the same town Danny works in.) He found a rim for the truck. Was I still planning to bring the car in? 'Cause the shop was really busy. I mentally rescheduled the grocery shopping and headed there. We already had planned on dropping the car off to be fixed that morning...but Danny had been late, so he had headed straight to work.

The plan was to swap the truck for the car at the school's parking garage, get the car fixed, and then swap them back out. But that meant hours of sitting in the mechanic's waiting room...and I hadn't had breakfast yet, even though it was edging toward noon. To keep me from getting stuck waiting at the mechanic's, Danny met me at the mechanic's to drop off the car to be repaired first. On the way back, we grabbed lunch at the local Chinese buffet. I wasn't sure it fell under the "Three courses, only one with meat" rationing rule, but I was so hungry, I didn't care.

Then we went back to his office, where I whiled away the hours filling out HR paperwork for him, while he dealt with IT (his phone was assigned to the wrong person; then they didn't give him the password to set up his new phone number...and he can't order his business cards from HR until he has a working phone number) and campus security (locating the physical key to his office. He's been depending on the secretary being there to get in.) He also found out that the SOAR conference (three hours away) he was supposed to go to NEXT weekend was actually being held THIS weekend. He was already scheduled to work with the Dean on Saturday, so he agreed to go to the conference for Friday (today.) Three hours of driving, eight hours proctoring, three hours driving back. Then straight to work on Saturday. Explain to me again how teaching is an easy nine-to-five job?!

All of which meant the cars HAD to be in good running condition. Good thing we were taking care of that problem, huh?

Around 4:30, we headed over to pick up the car and let the mechanic replace the tire rim for the truck. The car was still up on the lift. Daughter's Kung Fu class was starting at 6pm, so we rescheduled the tire/rim and Danny headed home in the truck to pick daughter up. I was going to do the grocery shopping once the car was done and meet up with them later.

Ten minutes later: the mechanic's phone rings. The truck had died at a stoplight. Danny tried to call me on my new cell phone, but couldn't get through. He was limping the truck back to the mechanic's. Could I call daughter and let her know she was going to be late to Kung Fu?

It took him almost 30 minuted to drive the distance back. By the time he had gotten back to the mechanic's, I had discovered that my phone wouldn't send or receive calls. I was busily doing the power-off-power-on trick, trying to reset it. The mechanic was past his closing time and anxious to leave. We off-loaded everything we needed from the truck into the car, handed the truck over to the mechanic, jumped in the car, and zoomed home.

Daughter was sitting on the front steps waiting for us when we pulled up. By the time we got back to town, there was only 1/2 an hour left of her 2 hour class, so we bought dinner instead. At which point I reminded everyone that:
1: I still hadn't done the grocery shopping.
2: We still didn't have two cars.
3: The one working car was not going to be available for grocery shopping until sometime Saturday night/Sunday.
4: If people wanted something to eat besides eggs, we needed to do the grocery shopping!

Which is why we ended up grocery shopping at 9 at night. As a treat, I bought a box of biscotti cookies (since we had two week's worth of rations to spend.) I've bought this brand before, but usually I bought the chocolate biscotti. These were salted caramel biscotti. Unfortunately, I didn't read the box, since I had bought them before...and the salted caramel had corn syrup in them. I discovered this after my first bite, in the parking lot, when we ripped open the box and grabbed a cookie to eat on the drive home. (After a day like that, I needed some sugar. Don't judge me.)

So we got home, threw the groceries in their respective receptacles, I downed a Zyrtec to head off the worst of the reaction, and everyone collapsed into bed.

Which is why, this morning, I woke up to no car, no husband, a sore throat, no pictures of the rations to post, and an overwhelming urge to take the day off!!

But at least we have something to eat besides eggs.


Gorges Smythe said...

Your first mistake was getting out of bed! - lol

Catherine said...

Gorges--I wholeheartedly agree!! That's why I'm not making the same mistake twice (written on the laptop while snuggled under the covers...with a square of chocolate and a cuppa tea.) I'll deal with all that tomorrow...after all, tomorrow is another day.

(I hope your day is going well. Pats for the mighty dachshund!)