Planning Stages: Soap

One thing I've been having conniptions over has been the soap rationing...namely, dish soap, laundry soap and shampoo. To recap, we get four--just 4--soap coupons per person each month for all our soap needs. One soap coupon is worth:

4 oz bar soap  or
3 oz toilet (facial) soap   or
1/2 oz liquid soap  or
6 oz soft soap   or
3 oz soap flakes   or
6 oz powdered soap.

For arguments sake, I'm classifying dish soap as liquid soap, shampoo as soft soap, and powdered laundry soap (including Borax) as...wait for it...powdered soap (I know that last one is confusing. Just go with me here.)

Today was our last grocery shopping day before we start on September 23rd. I needed to pick up some travel bottles to hold our soap rations, because you just can't buy 1/2 oz of dish soap. We're going to have to buy the bigger sizes and decant our ration into another smaller, much smaller, bottle.

Have you seen how small 1/2 fluid oz is?! You know those hand sanitizer bottles you can buy to attach to your key chain? THAT'S a half ounce. I so cannot get through a day's dishes with that little soap, much less a whole month's worth of dishes!

So I hit the interwebz in panic. I'm not going to have enough oil ration to make my own soap, so I needed another work-around. And found this: a recipe for making your own dish soap.  I'm going to try it out (I haven't gotten my new camera yet, so I'll be borrowing daughter's smart phone for pictures) and see if it works. If it does...one bar of Ivory, costing just one soap coupon, should make about 60oz of dish soap!! That's a whole month's worth of clean dishes!! (Cue angels singing.)

I'll post how it turns out, including pictures.


Gorges Smythe said...

Get some animal fat (deer, possum, coon, domestic, or whatever) and some wood ashes and make lye soap I tell ya! lol It'll clean ANYTHING!

Catherine said...

With so little cooking fat/oil in our ration, I'm afraid I'd use any extra for cooking instead of cleaning. Supposedly, you can use straight wood-ash lye to clean clothes, but I'm too chicken to try. I'd worry for the integrity of my skin...and my clothes!