Here We Go!!!!

Here's our rations for this week:

(That's 5 half-breasts of chicken. Plus the pound of sausage, that's our 3#9 oz meat ration for the week. I think I'm in trouble.)
 ( I forgot to include the 12 oz bacon ration and the sugar ration in the picture, since I'm taking them out of my current stores. I'll remember next week.)
Here's the rest of what I have to work with:
(I can't get the receipt picture to rotate, so you'll have to tilt your head and squint.)
Here's the menu for the next week:
Steamed rice with milk
Pasta with eggs, bacon, and garlic
Biscuits and sausage gravy
Egg in a basket
Cheese strata

Sandwiches or leftovers

Fried Rice (to use up any leftover rice from breakfast)
Hillbilly "crabcakes" with pasta salad
Zuppa Tuscana
Leek-Potato soup
One pot Tomato-basil pasta
Teriyaki Chicken
Southwest pesto chicken with pasta

Carrot cake with cream cheese icing (my birthday is later this week)
Fruit for snacks

(I'll be posting recipes for all of the above at the rate of one per week. My super-easy, fool-proof, four-ingredient, very-little-knead bread recipe will be posted Monday. With pictures from my shiny new birthday camera/phone.)

In order to track any weight lost, for the record, my BMI is 30.7 (obese), Danny's BMI is 31.6 (obese), and daughter's BMI is 24.1 (Normal). To get my BMI into the 'Normal Weight' range, I need to get down to 150# or less. Danny needs to weigh 180# or less to get him into the 'Normal' range. Daughter is already there. I'll post changes each month.

The daily exercise requirement will be filled by Beginning Callanetics. I already own the DVD, and the next one, they're remarkably effective, and I actually like the exercises...when I can motivate myself to do them. 
WARNING!!! If anyone out there decides to do Callanetics, DO NOT do what I did the first time. I bought the DVD many years ago when I was younger and stupider, sat down to watch it, thought, "Oh, these are easy!!" and proceeded to do the maximum recommended number my first day. Took me three days to stop whimpering in pain and be able to lift my legs (without using both hands) to go up or down stairs. START SMALL and go up from there. Callanetics are like Long Island Iced Teas; they sneak up on you. Too many, too quickly and you find yourself laying in a moaning heap on the floor, wishing you could take it all back. You have been warned.
 I'm going to spend the weekend making dish soap and laundry soap (and taking pictures), baking bread (and taking pictures), and attempting to remember to exercise (NO pictures.) Hope everyone out there in Bloggerland has a wonderful weekend!

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